Zdeněk Mayer, Sales Director

“Although the technological innovation that I have seen and used in metalworking and metal processing over the last 15 years is amazing, I still see the main potential in people.

Qualified, proactive and reliable employees are the engine and the condition for the flawless and reliable execution of every order. That’s why we choose our team and employees carefully.

The combination of technology and the efforts of our team resulting in a perfect product is a constant motivation for me, which gives me the energy to solve our customers’ orders.

Despite the undeniable demands of industrial metal production with regard to technical, safety and ecological standards, every new order is still a challenge for me and I want to complete it with the full commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.

I see the customer’s satisfaction and trust not only as a guarantee of the company’s economic growth, but also as a confirmation of my personal and entrepreneurial conviction that honest effort leads to success and a meaningful life.”

Hynek Plachý, Financial Director

“I know that finance is another essential part of a company’s prosperity, necessary for reliable and successful execution of orders. I see the connection between the organisation of the demanding production of a complex construction unit and the organisation of financial flows and operations. Just as it is necessary to understand each individual component and its role in the whole, it is necessary to understand, plan and execute the financial operations that ensure production in detail.

Industrial manufacturing has been an inspiration and a lifelong fascination for me. Often my first activity in the workday is a tour of the plant and production. Not only does it help me connect the dots between numbers, people, work and products, but it also fills me with confidence and purpose in my daily actions.

My colleague Zdeněk and I share a respect for the historical tradition of industry in Bohemia before World War II, going back to legends of industry such as the Škoda Works, ČKD, Tatra and Laurin and Klement. We value the creative spirit, commitment and initiative that Czech companies, often family-owned and built on honest diligence and clever ideas, personify.”

We support sport and our future

From our experience, we know that commitment and teamwork lead not only to economic but also personal growth. A well-balanced future life includes not only work, but also meaningful recreation and fun.

That is why we are happy and passionate about supporting the HC Děčín youth hockey team.

We want HC Děčín to be a successful ice hockey club in the Czech Republic, from which top Czech ice hockey players and good, healthy, strong and intelligent people of our country grow up.

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